Betting on Sports in USA

Guide for Online Sports Betting in the USA

In the following text, we’ll provide you with a guide on betting on sports. We’ll include some tips and tricks as well as talk about the most popular ways of betting on sports. In addition to that, in our guide, we’ll mention things to keep an eye for, like odds and statistics. In addition to that our guide features a brief explanation of the types of betting on sports, such as over/under, handicap and other ways. So without further ado, let’s have a look at our guide on betting on sports.

online betting on sports

How to Start

If you are a beginner we suggest that you start things off slowly. Don’t bet too much money and keep things simple. The first thing you need to learn is to figure out how the odds work. That is the basic. Once you’ve learned that it is smart to stick to one sport you know best and also to a certain league. Once you get the hang of it, you can research and explore other leagues in order to increase your chances and guide yourself to bigger wins.

Popular Sports for Betting

The most popular sports for betting include soccer, basketball, baseball, football, hockey, and golf. Major European leagues are the target for soccer fans, while the NBA is for basketball. The NFL, the NHL, the MLB, and the 4 major golf opens are the most popular in the other sports.

Asian Handicap

This type of betting form is set so that teams are handicapped according to their form. For example, the favorite team must win by a certain amount of points.


Spread betting is a unique way to bet on a sporting event. The user bets against the spread, not on fixed odds. This means that the winning amount depends on how right the player was about the direction he went in.


This type of bet is a bet where you predict a certain statistic, will it go over or under. For example, in soccer, there is an over/under bet on goals, usually 2.5. Whereas on basketball you have an over/under on a certain player to score a number of points.

Betting Odds

By selecting a betting type, you predict the outcome of a specific game aspect. But each betting type has odds, which reveal how much you can win if the prediction turns out to be correct. The odds are typically represented with a plus or minus sign, the former indicating the underdog and the latter pointing to the favorite. For example, a $120 skate on a -120 odds will result in a $100 win, plus the original wager. For attractive odds consult our best casino list and find a good match.

Online Bonuses

Online bonuses are a great way to make the most out of your sports betting experience. Online casino sites provide users with a casino bonus. Some of these bonuses provided by online casino sites include the welcome bonus, the no deposit casino bonus, the reload bonus and the VIP casino bonus.

The welcome bonus provides users with a bonus on their first real money deposit.

The no-deposit bonus gives new users a few free tries right upon registration, without the need for a real money deposit.

The reload bonus is very similar to the welcome bonus, except it is offered to existing users.

The VIP casino bonus can differ from one online casino site to another, but it offers a VIP program for certain users with added benefits and improved bonuses.

Legal Online USA Sport Casinos

To finish off our guide, we’ve provided you with a list of the top USA casino sites. These are all legal casino sites in order to guarantee your safety.

  1. DraftKings – They offer a 20$ welcome deposit bonus and include most of the popular sports leagues.
  2. FanDuel – They offer a 5$ no deposit bonus as well as a 5$ welcome bonus. You can also watch sports on their site as well as play fantasy games.
  3. Global Poker – They offer a 20$ welcome bonus.
  4. Lucky Land – They provide you with a no deposit bonus of 10 sweep coins, which is equal to 10$.

These USA casinos provide some of the best conditions so go ahead and check their legal casino sites.