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We get it! When you are in Paradise you are riding the trails, exploring the light houses, hiking paths through the forests, rock hounding, fishing, kayaking, taking breathtaking images of sunrises and sunsets, and enjoying the camaraderie of your friends around a campfire. But now you need that special memento of your trip. Take a few moments and look through a few of our more popular items. We’ll ship directly to you!Like Us on Facebook!
Signature Wall Clocks High Quality Quartz Timepiece with step-movement second hand, measures 11.5 inches in diameter, vintage-toned illustration on clock face, and sturdy rich marbled resin frame. Each clock face features a unique inspirational quote. $24.99

Black Bear Wall Clock

Black Bear features the quote, “If you come to the end of a path, do not turn back. Continue on and make your own trail.”

White Tail Deer Wall Clock

White Tailed Deer features the quote, ” If you have the wisdom to know the way then you must find the courage to lead the way.”

Bald Eagle Wall Clock
Bald Eagle features the quote, “Continue your journey beyond the things you already know, as new opportunities lie just around the bend.”
Bull Moose Wall Clock
Bull Moose features the quote, “It is the exuberance of a sunrise and the calmness of a sunset that can keep your heart in tune with the world around you.”

Gray Wolf Wall Clock
Gray Wolf features the quote, “An apathetic mind makes for a leaden spirit. Fill it with passion and you will truly feel alive”
Rainbow Trout Wall Clock Rainbow Trout features the quote, “The blessings of nature will not be realized unless they are avidly sought and humbly accepted.”
Mallard Wall Clock

Mallard features the quote, “Pursue the things in life that stimulate your interest. Hold onto the ones that awaken your passion.”

Common Loon Wall Clock Common Loon features the quote, “All dreams meet daybreak. It’s the commitment it takes to make them come true that’s rare.”

Hummingbird features the quote, “Be still and you will hear nature’s voice. It speaks to us through the waterfall, the birds in the trees, the rustle of leaves.”